Sunday (1997)

Hier ist eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Sunday film... This film concerns two mysterious characters who meet on a Sunday in Queens. Madeleine the most unsettling creature of that name since "Vertigo" is a middle-aged, moderately successful actress. Oliver/Matthew is either a homeless man or a famous film director or both. Madeleine hails him on the street as the latter, launching a bizarre chain of events that includes a conversation in a diner, a very unromantic sexual encounter, the arrival of Madeleine's odd husband and unsuspecting daughter, and a child's birthday party. The film also compassionately tracks the daily rounds of Oliver/Matthew's fellow denizens of the homeless shelter, some of whom will be recognizable to New York audiences.. Sunday debütierte in Theatern am 1997-08-27 Und dauert insgesamt 91 minuten.

  • Jonathan Nossiter

  • James Lasdun

Sprache: English
Produktionsland: US
Einnahmen: $288 (USD)
Budget: $450 (USD)
Starttermin: 1997-08-27
Länge: 91 minuten
themoviedb icon 6.3/10

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